HMS Metals

Heather Schramm

My journey in metalsmithing began while I was working on my bachelor’s degree in archaeology at Coastal Carolina University. After graduating, I started working at a small silver studio located in Glen Echo Park outside of Washington D.C. Since I’ve been working at SilverWorks, I have held many titles including resident artist, studio monitor, and instructor.

The process of concept development and design gives me an opportunity to think through the fabrication of each individual work. Some of my favorite techniques include cold forging and intricate saw work.

Personal experiences coupled with underlying societal concerns inspire my small metal sculpture work. This allows the viewer to begin to understand how things such as archaeological and historical conservation actually impact future generations. Finally, my jewelry challenges me to work on a much smaller scale while considering how the person will interact with each piece.

— Take a peak at one of the projects I was fortunate enough to work on during my time in Undergrad. — Description: Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, Logan Woodle, gives an update on the progress of the bronze Chauncey statue.