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Lifters Collection

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Some of you may have seen on Instagram or Facebook that I recently released the ‘Lifters’ collection. I wanted to take the time and give you a little glimpse into my personal fitness journey.

Growing up, I always seemed to struggle with my self-confidence and self-image. This caused me to develop and incredibly unhealthy relationship with food and pushed me down the path of yo-yo dieting. Skipping ahead to 2016 – early 2018, I had tried just about every group class and online workout program. I finally had enough in October of 2018 and started working with my personal trainer. Within a matter of months, I was finally seeing results of my work and feeling better about myself.

In early 2019, we started working on performing Olympic Lifts. This is when it happened… I realized just how much I enjoyed weightlifting. I looked forward to going to the gym and could spend hours in there. I was fascinated by the process and loved the feeling whenever I successfully completed a lift! I continued training and eventually decided to get my personal training and nutrition certifications. I wanted to inspire others through my own experiences.

July 2018 was another huge milestone for me because I finally got the courage to sign up for my first Strongwoman Competition. My training changed to reflect the intensity of the upcoming competition. I had to ready to perform lifts that I hadn’t ever performed before such as the Circus Dumbbell Press, Power Stairs, Husafell Carry, and Stone Over Bar all for time!

Fast forward to the day of the competition my stomach was in KNOTS all morning! When we got to the event, I weighted in and began warming. My first event was the Power Stairs! Once, I completed my first event everything else was a breeze. I met so many wonderful women and had a blast! My favorite event was the Atlas Stone. There is just something about being able to pick up a giant ball of concrete!

.. So now you have a little background in own fitness journey! I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. I am currently taking clients! Please check out my IG @forgeformedtraining or contact me! Also, please enjoy my newest collection the ‘Lifters!’

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