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Swallow Falls State Park, MD

One day in April, Arlen decided to surprise me with a bouquet and a short letter planning our weekend to Deep Creek, Maryland. All I knew from his letter was the tentative schedule and the weekends weather report.

Friday Afternoon we left for Deep Creek and arrived just in time to take a short hike in Deep Creek State Park and check into our AirBnb. He couldn't have picked a better place. The AirBnb was a quaint cabin in a quiet neighborhood surround by beautiful pines. Once we settled into the cabin we decided to make an early evening that way we could get up early and make it to Swallow Falls State Park before it got busy.

Saturday morning we jumped in the car and headed out to Swallow Falls State Park! His plan worked we were the first people to arrive in the park that morning. Once we got out of the car I noticed how chilly the morning air was but, was quickly distracted by the gorgeous Hemlock Forest that surrounded us.

I couldn't help myself, I grabbed my backpack and rushed over to the trail head waiting anxiously to start exploring the beautiful landscape. We headed towards the parks smaller falls first because, I like taking the road less traveled.

As I suspected they did not disappoint! The Upper Falls were absolutely gorgeous and watching the water wind through the trees was so peaceful.

Upper Falls

Eventually we gathered our things and continued following the trail to until it opened up to a breathtaking view of the Youghiogheny River. The river truly is unique because it travels north. Explaining why it was named Youghiogheny after the Algonquin word for "a stream flowing in contrary direction."

After grabbing a snack and a little exploring along the banks of the river. Arlen called me over to take some pictures of my athletic wear line (or so I thought.) He instructed me to face the river and look towards the next set of falls. Little did I know what was about to happen next!

A few moments later, I turned around to Arlen on one knee holding a tiny box in his hand. That is when he popped the question! I was completely speechless but managed to get out YES!!! We finished up our hike by visiting the largest falls in the park.

Recycled White Gold, Moissanite & London Blue Topaz
Custom Engagement Ring by William White Jewelry

The weekend was absolutely perfect and Arlen went above and beyond planning the perfect proposal!!

Sooo now that you are all caught up we are not only planning a wedding but, I've always told Arlen that I would make my jewelry for our special day. That means I've got to get to work sooo stay tuned!!

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